Transit, Talks and Chasing Venus

I’m going to briefly (for one post) step back from ‘Out of Diaries’ to post something about the near future.

I think I got one of the best gigs on the planet for the transit of Venus… I’m going to watch the transit at the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona. Admittedly I won’t be able to see the entire transit but the predictions for sunshine are pretty amazing there – something like 93%.

Even better I’m going to give a talk about my forthcoming book “Chasing Venus. The Race to Measure the Heavens” during the transit. I’m going to watch the beginning of Venus’s march across the sun, and then I’ll make a dash for the Visitors Centre to give a 45min talk… and then I’ll dash back to the telescopes.

So, come and join me. The Kitt Peak National Observatory team has put together an amazing programme of transit activities which includes several solar telescopes and a live projection of the transit with their Heliostat. The tickets also included a full after–dark observing session.

It’ll be on 5 June (since it’s in Arizona) and the activities start at 2pm (about an hour before the transit).

Click here for a list of all my talks.

Click here for info about “Chasing Venus”.

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